How to configure Message of the Day (MOTD) Banner — Cisco CCNA Lab using Packet Tracer

In this lab we will configure a banner called Message of the day(MOTD) banner on cisco router ( UpaaeRouter1 ) which will display a message to every terminal connecting to UpaaeRouter1. For configuring MOTD banner we must be at global configuration mode.

UpaaeRouter1(config)# banner motd E

In the above command E is the delimiting character, it is up to you what ever you type but do remember to write the same delimiting character at the end of your message. banner motd command will only be completed when you start writing the message with a delimiting character and end your message by writing that same character at the end. Cisco os checks the first and last character of motd banner for confirming that message is complete.

This image shows the steps for configuring MOTD banner.

motd banner

For confirming if MOTD banner is set, type exit and exit for quitting from global config mode and privileged exec mode to the start. The image below confirms that banner motd is all set and greeting users.

motd banner confirmation

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