7 Best Fruit and Vegetable Peelers Every Kitchen Should Have

7 most useful and simple to use fruits and vegetables peelers which i know and think that every kitchen should have these for making your kitchen life easy and fun. This list of amazing and best fruit peelers will grow when any new innovative tools cross our eyes.

1. Pineapple Peeler and Slicer:

Pineapple Peeler and Slicer

If you do love eating fresh pineapples then this simple tool will be your favorite once you use it, because of its design simplicity and simple use. Peeling and slicing pineapple is fun using this simple tool.   View at Amazon

2. Orange, Citrus Peeler:

Orange Peeler

Have you tried peeling an orange?? If yes then you must know peeling an orange has no fun and not that easy. This Orange, Citrus Peeler will help you peeling oranges easy and a fun process, if not already have tried this Orange peeler, give it a try and I guarantee you will love it.  View at Amazon

3. Apple Peeler and Slicer:

Apple Peeler and Slicer

If you do love eating apples then you know exactly how to keep the doctor away, Almost Everyone love apples (yeah I do love Apple Devices) but some people don’t want to consume apples with peel. This tool is specifically designed just for peeling and slicing apples, peers, and potatoes, have a look at the Images above and you will love to check it out physically.   View at Amazon

4. Silicon Garlic Peeler:

Silicon Garlic Peeler

Whenever garlic is mentioned, its sticky unpleasant odor also comes forward in the mind. This Garlic peeler is designed to keep your hands odor free and make your garlic peeling process as simple and easy as possible. View At Amazon

5. Kiwifruit Peeler and Slicer:


Kiwifruit Peeler and slicer

For Kiwifruit lovers here is a good tool for making your life easy enjoying fresh kiwifruits. This peeler is unbelievably simple and is specifically designed for peeling and slicing Kiwifruit. View at Amazon

6 Mango Peeler, Slicer and Pit Remover:

Mango Peeler, Slicer and Pit Remover

Mango is one of the tastiest and delicious fruits I know but hands cannot be kept clean while eating raw mangoes. Along with peeling mango this tool will also help you in slicing and pit removing, the most interesting thing is that it do all these three tasks in just one step. View at Amazon

7.   Vegetable and Fruit Peeler + Slicer :

Fruits and vegetables peeler and slicer

The Ease of using this vegetable and fruit peeler + slicer will make you fall in love with this innovative Japanese design. View at Amazon

  • PERFECT SLICER: Slices forwards and backwards with the dual action blade
  • STRONG BLADE: Slices delicates and harder foods like cheese with Ease
  • LEFT AND RIGHT HANDED: The ergonomic soft grip handle is great for those right and left handed

Have you any other fruit and vegetable peeler in mind worthy enough for adding this list?? if yes kindly suggest in comments section.

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