Top 5 Vitamin C Rich Fruits and Health Benefits of Vitamin C

What is Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is an organic compound and an important nutrient required by our body in small amounts for maintaining healthy connective tissue which includes skin, blood vessels and bones. Human body is not capable of synthesizing Vitamin C on its own therefore it  has to be received from foods containing this nutrient and supplements containing Vitamin C. If you are interested in knowing other health benefits of Vitamin C continue reading this article to the end. One should pay special attention to vitamin c intake as it is extremely important for maintaining healthy skin and skin is the largest organ of our body. Following are the list of 5 fruits having high amount of vitamin C which are enough to avoid deficiency of this nutrient.

Top 5 Vitamin C Rich Fruits

1 Guava

100 Grams of guava contains 228 mg of Vitamin C which is 381% DV.

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2 Kiwifruit

100 Grams of kiwifruit contains 92.7 mg of Vitamin C which is 155% DV.

3 Papaya

100 Grams of papaya contains 60.9 mg of Vitamin C which is 102% DV.

4 Strawberries

100 Grams of Strawberries contains 58.8 mg of Vitamin C which is 98% DV.

5 Orange

100 Grams of Orange contains 53.2 mg of Vitamin C which is 89% DV.

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The Required Daily Amount (RDA) of vitamin C for women is 75 mg/day and for men 90 mg/day.

Top 5 Vitamin C Rich Fruits


Health Benefits of Vitamin C:

Healthy Immunity System:

We all are taught in schools that white blood cells are responsible for the proper function of immunity system, but now we do know that vitamin C is essential for our body to maintain healthy white blood cells. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant which supports in preventing oxidative damage to the white blood cells, resulting in a healthy immune system.

Promote Good Mood:

Norepinephrine a Neurotransmitter is known to affect a person’s mood and studies have shown that Vitamin C is responsible for the proper production of Norepinephrine which promotes good mood and also plays an important role in the proper functioning of brain.

Controlling Hypertension:

Risk of developing cardiovascular diseases rises in the people with hypertension, some studies shows that Vitamin C helps in controlling hypertension.

Skin Health and Anti-aging:

Studies and research shows that vitamins play a vital role in slowing down the process of aging, aging process speeds with the oxidative damage caused by free radicals and Vitamin C helps the body in fighting free radicals and preventing against oxidative damage, which results in slowing down the aging process. These are the reasons why Vitamin C consumption is being linked to the decrease in skin dryness and wrinkles. Vitamin C as an antioxidant also helps in reducing the oxidative damage caused by stress, poor diet and pollution.

Preventing Stroke:

Decreased risk of stroke is being linked to an adequate amount of Vitamin C intake. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition those people having high amount of Vitamin C in their blood reduced the risk of stroke by almost 50%. Vitamin C helps in protecting blood vessels from damage therefore reducing risk of other heart diseases as well.
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Note : For preventing deficiency of Vitamin C, consumption of  fresh fruits and vegetables should be made daily routine. The above list is specific to Top 5 fruits which consist high amounts of vitamin C although other fruits also have a good amount of vitamin C.

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