Setting Line Console Password for Cisco router in Packet Tracer

Cisco Routers have a number of different ports through which these routers can be accessed. By default any one can access the router and can change configuration. In order to limit access and preventing users from changing configurations Cisco allows us to password protect each port.

In this lab we will set line console password, thus preventing unwanted changes to our configurations.

Line Console Password:

Console port is located on the back of the router and is used for direct connection to the router from a PC. Prior to installing a new router in a network console port is the only option through which a router is configured and get to the working state in a network. The console port should must be secured with a password and the router should be physically placed in a secured location. If the router is not in a secured location than the console port should be disabled for preventing the loss of our configuration. Line Console password prevent un-authorized user from entering into user exe mode.

Steps for setting line console password:

For specifying the console password line configuration command is used.

UpaaeRouter1(config)# line console 0   This command will get you to console line configuration mode

UpaaeRouter1(line-config)#                     This prompt confirms that we are at line configuration mode.

UpaaeRouter1(line-config)# password yourPassword 

In the above line password is the command followed by your desired password.

line console 1


login command is used for enforcing the password before accessing

user exe mode. If you do not enter login command after setting password for line console than router will not ask for password before entering user exe mode.

Verification of password if it is set:

Type end to exit from both the line configuration mode and global configuration mode, and than type exit to leave enable mode. Now after pressing enter if you are asked for password before entering user exe mode, congrats you have successfully protected your router from unauthorized access.

line console verification


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