How to Write,Display and Erase Configuration in a Cisco Router

Cisco configuration

Display Running Configuration:

In this tutorial i will show you the commands for displaying and saving Cisco router’s running configuration and Cisco router’s startup configurations. Cisco routers starts executing startup configurations, any changes made to the router’s configuration while it is running is erased on each restart of a router, if you do want to retain any changes made to the router configurations after a restart then you will have to save your router’s running configuration to router’s startup configurations. Commands for writing and displaying router running configurations or startup configuration can be executed in Privileged Exec mode. So for displaying, saving or erasing router configuration you need to be at the Privileged Exec mode. For more about Cisco router modes click here.

At Privileged mode (UpaaeRouter1 being the host name) the prompt will look like this UpaaeRouter1# .

UpaaeRouter1# show running-config     // executing this command will display the running configuration.

UpaaeRouter1# show startup-config   // executing this command displays the startup configuration.

Saving running configuration to startup configuration 

UpaaeRouter1# copy running-config  startup-config    // this command will save the configuration changes you have made (running-configuration) to startup-configuration in the NVRAM.

Saving startup configuration to running configuration

UpaaeRouter1# copy startup-config running-config   // this command will write the startup configuration to the running configuration.

Erasing running configuration and saving configuration

UpaaeRouter1# write erase

UpaaeRouter1# reload    // these two commands will erase both running and startup configurations.
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