Disable Different Line Interface Passwords on Cisco Devices–Routers/ Switches

Disable line passwords on cisco devices(routers,switches)

This tutorial will benefit CCNA students and networking professional who want a quick go through of disabling passwords for different lines of Cisco devices(Switches/ Routers). This tutorial is specifically for removing line console password, line VTY/TELNET password and auxiliary line password, if you want to know about setting line VTY/TELNET password read this cisco tutorial. For setting auxiliary line password read this “How to set auxiliary line password“.

Removing Line Console Password:

UPAAE >enable                                // go to enable mode

UPAAE # configure terminal            // go to global configuration mode

UPAAE (config)# line console 0                  // go to line console interface config mode

UPAAE (config-line)# no login                    // force no login

UPAAE (config-line)# no password          // disable password for line console interface

UPAAE (config-line)# end                       // go back to enable mode


Removing Line VTY/TELNET password:

If you want to read about setting VTY/TELNET password you can read it here “how to set line VTY/TELNET password“.

UPAAE > enable                 // go to enable mode OR leave this step if you are at enable mode

UPAAE # configure terminal        // configure terminal mode

UPAAE (config)# line vty 0 4        // going to line VTY interface configuration mode

UPAAE (config-line) #no login    // force no login

UPAAE (config-line) #no password          // disable password for line VTY interface

UPAAE (config-line) # end


Removing Auxiliary Line Password:

We have discussed setting auxiliary line password in another tutorial you can check it out here.

UPAAE # configure terminal                        // going to global configuration mode

UPAAE (config) # line aux 0                         // going to Auxiliary line configuration mode

UPAAE (config-line) # no login                   // forcing no login

UPAAE (config-line) # no password         // disabling password for Auxiliary line

UPAAE (config-line) # exit                            // Jumping back to global configuration mode

UPAAE (config) # exit                                     // Jumping back to enable mode
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