Best and Effective Natural Remedy for Lowering Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

How to use Coriander Seeds for Lowering Bad (LDL) Cholesterol Level:

In this modern world and the fast life style about 30% to 40% of world’s population aged between 25 to 50 years suffering from high cholesterol. The blockage of arteries and other heart diseases are the result of high cholesterol (LDL).

According to 73.5 million adults (31.7%) in the United States have high LDL or bad cholesterol. Certainly there are medications used for lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body, but here I am going to share a natural and effective home remedy for lowering LDL levels naturally.

corriander for lowering cholesterol


Items You need:

1, Coriander (cilantro) Seeds Scientific Name: Coriandrum sativum, Urdu Name : Dhanya.

2, Cup of water.

3, Stove.



Take a cup of water and add to it 2 teaspoons of grounded coriander seeds and put the mixture on a stove until it boils, after boiling let it cool and drink.

You have to make this drink twice a day for at least 3 weeks if you want to see real changes in terms of lowering bad cholesterol.

Apart from lowering cholesterol coriander seeds have a lot of other health benefits with zero side effects.

Why Should we use this Remedy??

100 grams of coriander seeds contain 2.13 mg of Niacin (Vitamin B3) which is proved to be very helpful in lowering body cholesterol.

Coriander seeds are rich in dietary fiber, 41.9 grams of fiber is yielded from 100 grams of these seeds. Coriander seeds helps in lowering cholesterol levels by binding this dietary fiber to the bile salts (produced from cholesterol) decreasing their reabsorptions in colon, which results in lowered LDL cholesterol levels.

According to Apollo hospitals Kolkata “coriandrin is found in coriander which is responsible for controlling the process of lipid digestion as a result bringing down cholesterol levels.”

Research shows that lower level of magnesium is responsible for high level of body cholesterol, 100 grams of coriander seeds have 330 mg of magnesium which is enough for maintaining body cholesterol and also plays an important role in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL).

I hope the above facts are enough for enlightening the importance and incorporating the use of coriander seeds for healthy life.  Share this valuable remedy with your loved ones and be a part of our efforts in making this world a great place again by helping each and every one without any expectation.

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